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Luxurious nonchalance and recreation with character

"Giardino" is Italian and means garden. Intense, diversified and full of natural perfection. A place of regeneration and so full of individuality, that every detail deserves its own moment. The Giardino Retreats and Resorts are just like this garden and offer a surprisingly fresh interpretation of luxury hotels and creative cuisine. They all combine casual ambiance, superior service and charismatic design to a places of Mediterranean joie de vivre - whether in sunny Ticino, alpine altitudes or urban areas. Giardino unites the most attractive facets of Switzerland with a good dosage of sunny hospitality.

In the heart of Europe

The Urban Retreat

An urban pulse close to the rhythm of nature. At the Atlantis by Giardino, you move exactly between these two worlds and you will find your very own perfect middle ground. The Urban Retreat combines the urban luxury of a five-star superior hotel with the natural glowing strength of its location directly at the bottom of the green Üetliberg mountain. The Atlantis by Giardino will enrich the Zürich region with its 95 exclusive rooms and suites, the fusion restaurant Hide & Seek, the gourmet restaurant Ecco, the ballroom Wave and several function rooms as well as the dipiù Spa.

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Casual luxury in high altitude

The Breakout Retreat

The hotel Giardino Mountain combines a characterful design, a high level of service and a laid-back ambience, creating a place where you can recharge your batteries in summer, and enjoy cosy comfort in winter. Cycling, hiking, yoga, golf or skiing, tobogganing and ice skating - as a Breakout Retreat in Champfèr near St. Moritz, the Giardino Mountain provides new energy and relaxation with character. The three restaurants seduce with culinary surprises: from international cuisine with Asian, Middle-Eastern and Western influences at the Hide & Seek – St. Moritz, and regional specialties from the Engadin in a rustic ambience at the Stüva to the art of star-cuisine at Ecco ST. Moritz. The dipiù Spa with its ample space and elegant design ensures that body and mind will gain strength and promises a world of equilibrium and well-being.

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Luxurious nonchalance at Lake Maggiore

The Soul Retreat

The name that now unites all Giardino Retreats and Resorts was born here. The hotel Giardino Ascona combines a laid-back ambience, a high-level of service and charismatic design to a place of Mediterranean savoir-vivre. Breathe, relax, stroll, chill, move, marvel or simply enjoy - this Soul Retreat provides undiluted relaxation with character. At the Giardino Ascona there are plenty of gastronomic surprises with the Hide & Seek – Ascona or the Poolside restaurant. The culinary highlight is undisputably the Ecco restaurant which has been awarded with two Michelin stars. It stands for outstanding aroma cuisine and puristic intensity, which is restaged every day through the inspired ideas of Executive Chef Rolf Fliegauf. The dipiù Spa promises a world of vitality, beauty and equilibrium and offers ample space to find peace to strengthen body and soul. With its products and treatments dipiù proves that it stands for quality, authenticity and sustainability.

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Lake view and serenity

The Personal Retreat

A little gem of a hotel right on the shores of Lago Maggiore, Giardino Lago is sublime and blissfully relaxed – a heavenly escape for the modern traveller. Quality of life, sustainability and a friendly service underpin the concept and image of this Personal Retreat. The hotel forgoes convention and stars, but plays up intimacy with 14 individually designed rooms and one suite that invite to dream and relax. The restaurant Lago combines a laid-back atmosphere with striking architecture and breath-taking views of Lake Maggiore. On warm days the 400 sqm Roof Lounge is the place to be.

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aroma cuisine

The restaurants Ecco in Ascona, St. Moritz and Zürich are renowned for characterful mixtures of virtuosity and taste purism. Executive Chef Rolf Fliegauf cleverly combines natural flavours of seasonal ingredients and creates the unmistakable and multiple award-winning aroma cuisine of Ecco: pointedly, intense, unexpected.

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Casual Dining
Restaurant und Bar

The time for hiding is over. Modern cuisine is authentic, unpretentious and local. But at Hide & Seek, we still have a zest for the new and exotic, for flavours that inspire. Asian, Middle-Eastern and Western influences and sweet, savoury, bitter, hot and sour flavours come together in unusual combinations that create explosions of flavour. And once it has been awakened, this desire for luxurious simplicity does not let you go. You need more. More of these enchanting spices, herbs and flavours. More crispy, soft and tender textures. More of this pure, healthy and yet sexy cuisine. Those seeking the key to complete and utter happiness on a plate need look no further.

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“A little more” of relaxation

“di più” comes from Italian and can be roughly translated as “a little more”. More innovation, more professionalism and more Mediterranean dolce vita. This means that in the dipiù SPAs, you can look forward to more than simple relaxation. Sink into a world of equilibrium, beauty and vitality with the lifestyle therapies, sauna oases, gym facilities and variety of rest and relaxation areas. All wrapped up with professional consulting and premium treatment products tailored to the skin type and physique of each individual guest.

Powerful and mindful

The Giardino hotels in Ascona, St. Moritz and Zurich are the first five-star resorts in Switzerland to offer authentic Ayurveda treatments and cures, with the goal of helping guests to achieve health and peace by means of a holistic approach. Ayurveda has its roots in India. It is the world’s oldest form of medicine – and combines a philosophy of life and empirical knowledge in one. Whether you would like a multi-day retreat, individual treatments or a culinary journey through Ayurvedic cuisine, Ayurveda by Giardino offers a diverse programme for interested parties, beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

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Rise and shine together. Combine work and leisure in Switzerland’s most beautiful places and be part of an exiting and dynamic hotel group, where innovation, team spirit and an appetite for new things are part of the daily life. Conquer the peaks at the Giardino Mountain close to St. Moritz or admire Lake Maggiore and live the Ticino hospitality at the Giardino Ascona and the Giardino Lago in Locarno. For an urban pulse close to the rhythm of nature choose the Atlantis by Giardino in Zürich.


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